We are available to work with organisations and individuals. If you have some ideas about what we might be able to offer do give us a call and we can discuss what you or your organisation might want.

At The Pink Practice we have experience in the fields of counselling, youth work, family therapy, social work, multi-disciplinary teams, group dynamics, community and organisational development in the independent, private and statutory sectors. We have experienced trainers, team consultants and registered supervisors.

Our approach to professional development involves learning from the experiences of people with whom we are working and putting that knowledge to use in understanding issues of diversity, power and relationships whether at home or in the workplace. We value people's strengths and try to develop positive and creative thinking. Working in organisations which deal with diversity, inequality and wellbeing brings particular stresses but also a richness of commitment and life experience which workers bring with them into their workplace. Our job is to work with organisations, their workforce, management committees and their leaders to maximise strengths and develop skills.

As registered supervisors we work with both teams and individuals in discussing work with clients. Our theoretical model draws on social constructionist ideas of seeing theories as stories which have differing consequences depending on how they are used. This lends itself to working with groups or individuals who draw on a range of theoretical models in their work.

Please feel free to email or ring us for a discussion about your training, consultation or supervision needs.

Gail Simon
Director of Training and Supervision
Ring: 020 7060 4000

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